Managed Smart Server

True dedicated performance and reliability, combined with the simplicity of managing a virtual server.

RAM CPU Storage Transfer Network Price
E3-1240v6 $219

per month

16 GB 4 CoreCPU 240 GB SSD 10 TB 2 x 1 Gbps $219/mo Order
E5-2620v4 $399

per month

32 GB 8 CoreCPU 240 GB SSD 10 TB 2 x 1 Gbps $399/mo Order

* Configuration listed in this page is basic, please click on order button to change RAM/DISK size, Network, etc according to your preferred setup

Key Features:

1. True Dedicated Resource

Every resources included in the server is fully dedicated for you and your application.

2. Top Reliability

Our Managed Smart Server always uses brand-new and 100% tested hardwares. Our quality control is amongst (if not) the strictest available in the industry.

3. Fully Redundant Network

Our VPS node is connected to 2 x 1 Gbps active-active link-aggregated ethernet, giving you the fastest possible speed combined with dual-link redundancy setup.

4. IPv6 Ready Network

Be ahead from everyone else, get your website recognized on IPv6 network, giving you the best possible accessibility from both modern and classic network.

5. HTTP/2 Ready Server

Be ahead from everyone else, get your website's performance boosted with HTTP/2 ready infrastructure, allowing your visitors to reach your content faster than ever before.

6. 30 Minutes Ticket Response Time

As a part of our service excellence standard, every technical support ticket submitted to our helpdesk will responded within 30 minutes.

7. Free Unlimited Let's Encrypt DV SSL

Get a free SSL for your websites and applications with hassle-free ACME validation protocol from Let's Encrypt.