Frequently Asked Question

You have questions? We have answers. If the answers you are looking for are not available in this page, please feel free to contact our specialist.

Q : Do you offer money back guarantees?

A : Yes, all of our VPS and Smart Server package includes a 30 days money back guarantee.

Q : How long does it usually takes to deploy a server?

A : Cloud VPS server deployment usually takes no longer than 1 business day, while Smart Servers may take up to 2 business days. Custom or advanced setup may take longer depending on the complexities.

Q : How to contact BoxIntense’s support?

A : There are several ways to contact BoxIntense. The most preferred ways are by submitting support tickets via our helpdesk. You can accesss our helpdesk by logging into your NOC here. Live Chat and Phone support are also available for pre-sales enquiries.

Q : What is BoxIntense’s support availability?

A : 24 hours/day, 7 days a week, 365 days per year.

Q : Will you migrate my hosting account/websites for me?

A : Yes, as long as you were using cPanel/WHM. As soon as your receive the welcome email, please submit a support ticket through our helpdesk.

Q : What is covered under managed services?

A : We have 2 levels of managed service, core managed and fully managed.

Core Managed are automatically included in any servers that are deployed without cPanel/WHM as their control panel. At Core Managed, we do supports Operating System level configuration, optimization and security hardening. All other applications that are not natively included in the operating system are supported in best-effort basis.

Fully Managed are automatically included in any servers that are deployed with cPanel/WHM as their control panel. At Fully Managed, we do supports both Operating System and all softwares that are natively included within cPanel/WHM. All other applications that are not natively included in both operating system and cPanel/WHM are supported in best-effort basis.

Q : What do the support team do and do I need to ask for them to do that?

A : We will do most server-related tasks (installation, configuration, migration, security hardening, monitoring, troubleshooting to name the specifics) proactively. In most case, you will only need to contact us if there are problems that doesn't get caught by our monitoring system, such as an error that appears only on a specific page on your website.

Q : Does the managed service reactive or proactive?

A : In fully managed situation, software updates and server maintenance are mostly proactive, except for specific binary updates that might prevent your application/websites from working correctly (e.g PHP). In this case, we will only perform update on that specific binary with your prior consent. Critical security update is always proactive.

Q : What is BoxIntense NOC?

A : NOC is our in-house, custom-made control panel where you can manage your infrastructure in a single, centralized place. We design our NOC for both advanced and basic users alike. All the features and technical information are presented in an easiest possible way so anyone could understand it without being a rocket scientist.

Q : What can I do at the NOC?

A : A lot. Starting from managing your servers, DNS, Domain names, SSL Certificates contacting BoxIntense’s support, paying your bills, checking your log, resources usage information, monitoring protocols, service recovery guidelines and a lot other things.

Q : Is the DNS Hosting available for free?

A : Yes. Global anycast DNS infrastructure are available for free for all of our clients.

Q : Do you offer backup options on your service?

A : Yes we do offer managed backup service called DataVault. It is available as add-on service available during server order.

Q : Do you have Linux Distributions other than CentOS?

A : We only offer CentOS and CloudLinux.

Q : Does Boxintense supports high-availability setup?

A : Yes, however high-availability (HA) usually requires both the application and the infrastructure itself to be HA-ready. Some CMS has this features already built in or by using plugins (for example WordPress, vBulletin and MagentoCommerce to name a few), however custom built applications does not necessarily have these features. Please consult with our sales department for further information.

Q : Does Boxintense supports enterprise scaling technologies?

A : Absolutely! Load-balancing, database cluster, caching, geographical traffic direction to name a few solutions we have been doing with our customers for years. Shoot us with your details and requirements and we will come up with a solution that fits your business!

Q : Do you offer DDoS Protection?

A : Yes, on on-demand basis. However due to the variations of DDoS attack types and sizes, every customers interested in using DDoS protection is encouraged to contact our sales department before ordering.